Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coming to a blog page near you.

Sorry about (yet another) delay. Midterms and planning have been in the works. The horrible truth is that we have actually recorded about three podcasts since the last. However, each of them ended up with a horrible static that rendered them unlistanable. Our first return to the realm of audio should occur this Wednesday, and by that I mean the actual recording. I'm going to go ahead and post this plan because then we will actually be held to it. On top of this we will get a Mass Effect 3 review up. It could have been up sooner, but the ending is such a huge factor in formulating our opinions that we are waiting for the whole crew to finish. El Jefe and I have beaten the game and formulated our opinions. Now we are just waiting for the fabled Elitist to conclude his playthrough. He is close. We will then write a joint review, because damn we have a lot to say. Hopefully, a good brainstorming session will bring out a few good feature ideas. Lord knows I have one. Remember, we are in college and have learnin' to do! Hope to be back with you shortly.


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