Friday, February 11, 2011

Elder Scroll V Skyrim (What Bethseda is doing so right)

Elder Scrolls…the vast seemingly limitless world of middle earth proportions. Where around every corner of this world there is either cult of dark worshipers or an adorable kitten waiting to be slaughtered by your giant glowing sword of doom, darkness and rainbows. (Hey I like rainbows…specially the double ones!) The game’s bread and butter is without a doubt it’s openness, breathtaking randomness and alternate quest lines. Which, to those of you that like to comprehend the story is about as clear and well developed as a 2 year old trying to explain to you why he has a quarter lodged in his inner ear. Overall the game is a wonderful free roamer that let’s the player create his own destiny and do pretty much anything he wants too. The guiding force for the game as far as storyline is concerned is “don’t go where things insta kill you…kind of like when a rouge ends you in WoW or when you get cannon rushed for those starcraft players in the bunch. *grumble grumble*…dam Protoss. Well my fellow adventures now that I have described the old let us now move into the future!

Que Cinematic Prepare to Commence AWWW!

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is simply breathtaking…*cough* in comparison to its predecessor *cough*. The Bethseda team finally upgraded their game engine and the results speak for themselves. I mean I can finally tell what gender the NPC is that I am talking too and look look the grass sways in the wind! The drunks are even peeing on the side of the pub! O.O OMG finally Elder Scrolls has caught up with the times. The games graphics finally reached the same level as first gen games of the xbox 360 that came out a couple years ago... Ok I might be exaggerating a wee bit but you have to admit the blocky, bland and just overall aesthetically distasteful presentation of the scenery and characters was a bit of an eye soar in Oblivion…though the game play more than made up for it.

Pressing on the next great ”innovation” by Bethseda is the new skills system. Unlike the previous game this new one no longer takes the approach used by most communist nations of assigning you a job a birth! Instead of deciding what you skills and perks will be in character creation, you get to actually hone your skill and acquire perks based on you style of fighting and training. This system is pretty much the same one used in Fallout and as the saying goes if it aint broke why fix it? Also, it has been stated that the quest will also be tailored to your specific skill set. Lastly I have a bit of sad news. This last tweak that was confirmed in the game actually makes me very sad. Instead of having the earlier mentioned method of quest guidance that I like to call the “Land Mine System.” Bethseda has opted for a scaling difficulty model where your enemies get stronger as you level. Thus opening the world further to the player’s whims by allowing you to do any quest line at any time. So I am sorry all you grinder’s out there who like to do go out into the wilderness and level yourself to Kratos status before you even lift a finger on any quest line, your are shit out of luck. The days of you being able to walk into a town and simply sneeze to wipe it off the map are but over. *cry cry* I use to love piling a mountain of guard corpses on the temple steps.

Overall though I am personally very excited to see this new installment in this very prestigious series. The tweaks are more than enough to draw me back to this series after I left it so very very very long ago…To be honest though they had me at dragons. I mean come on there are FREAKING DRAGONS in this one. I mean there is nothing more awesome than dragons…well besides a double rainbow. ^^

PS: Did you find the Pineapple? (Yes I know it was easy!)


The Outlaw said...

Skyrim will consume my soul. Also, I totally found the pineapple!

El Jefe said...

Freaking dragons are even better than regular dragons!

Departed said...

I know I love FREAKING DRAGONS. As for you my dear Outlaw I must agree. This game will undoubtedly consume my life as well. *sigh* Not like I actually planned on graduating from college any way.

The Outlaw said...

College is overrated. We should all just quit and make a living off of the site... somehow.

Departed said...

Haha that would be cool. However, to do that you would have to actual buy a domain and set up advertising spots on your page and then sell those spots. Its really alot of work.

The Outlaw said...

As long as I never have to write two papers back to back again, one being about defining terrorism and the other about the State of the Union, I'm fine with that. lol.

The Elitist said...

Yea... but you are only okay with that Chris is because you know that you are not going to have to do anything when it comes to technology. Or if you do you, I get to figure it out, and then tell you how it works. You know this to be true.

The Outlaw said...


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