Monday, October 31, 2011

Some Clarification... Forgive and Forget

Hey kiddos, The Elitist here to clear some of the air.

You may (or may not... in which case... just ignore this) that The Outlaw's Gears review was reported to have been stolen based on the comment from xxadverbxx. Upon investigation we found that the report was true.
This was my face all day when this happened.
An article from Daily Gaming Network was quite

Resident Evil Chronicles HD to PS Move

Wii exclusive Resident Evil Chronicles HD remake has been announced to release for PS3 with Move support. No price or launch data has been announced

With the Move being so similar to Wii in mechanics, it seems third party developers who wanted to utilize the Wii's unique style are now deciding to use PS's similar product, taking advantage of Sony's more powerful console.

The game itself is composed of Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Between them each, the player will experience events based around Resident Evil 0 - 4 and Code Veronica, as well as play as the characters in each story: Rebecca Chambers, Billy Coen, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliveira, Albert Wesker, Ada Wong, Hunk, Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Jack Krauser, and Steve Burnside.

Friday, October 28, 2011

What I Like This Week: Minecraft Halloween

Good day, dear readers of the best blog in the galaxy! This week I've found a brilliant combination of video games and Halloween in the form of a contest being held by the people at Their Minecraft Halloween contest features nineteen spooky Minecraft creations which, in my opinion, are pretty dang impressive. Here are a few of my favourites:

Huh? I..Write... Things? (Random Castlevania DLC Opinion..thingy...)

What is this... why am I here? This place... these things... so familiar... yet so distant...

So yeah, hey guys, apologies. School.

Anyway, I recently re acquired Castlevania Lord of Shadows (courtesy of Gamefly) with the intent of finally playing through the DLC hoping it would shed some light on the rather controversial ending of the game itself. While it did, with brilliant story telling and dialogue, I might have been happier just watching videos of the DLC....

The story telling, the dialogue, the background and the overall plot were pretty interesting. I was awesome to see  Gabriel change from the noble warrior for good, to the Lord of Darkness. He has found that his path has been laden with blood and death this whole time, and though what he did, he did in the name of Light, he has found his  soul has been blackened. He has now become Shadow.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, aside from that... I can't say I had much fun.
My first issue right off the bat was the strange cutscene style that as implemented. It was kinda cool, in a "I made this game for XBLA" sort of way. They used this paper cut-out-stop-motion style that, while it's pretty neat and artistic... I felt that after the full game (which had real cutscenes) this method seems... well... lazy.

Bastard bastard, fatherless bastard hard. Most of the puzzles were entirely legitimate, and I enjoyed solving them, but every fight throughout the whole thing felt almost unfair, and I wasn't even playing on the hardest difficulty. I will grant some lenience in that I had not played the game in a long time, and I had to work my way back into the combos, but that was a minor issue. Not to mention that there was only a handful of enemies in each level, the whole bloody thing was full of puzzles, with one boss fight at the end that made me feel like some developer was practicing overt displays of assholery. Stop. Break it down.

Super Pissy Puzzle Designers.
This... just... this....

Tutorial video, so he makes it look easy mode... but as you can probably tell there are a few factors that make this quite tricky. The blades (obviously) keep moving for some time after the power is off, this makes it a timing game, which is lame. Second, it isn't always explicitly obvious how close you can get to the blades before they hurt you, so at times, you think you will be safe, and you will instead be very much dead. What you might not be able to tell by watching the video, is that Laura doesn't react immediately. You push the slow down button (or speed up button) and it takes her a cool second or two before she starts to slow it, and then it takes another moment for her spell to complete. Can't say that I can blame her...

The steely determined eyes.....ooohhh yeeeaaaahhh... amirite?

So, it's pretty lame. I was very happy to be done with this, and the only side effects are that I now assume that all people are just slow when I tell them to do something, and I have now made it my sole goal in life to find the designer of this puzzle and make him play this game over and over and over and over and over and over.....................

Super Satan

So, in a nutshell [MINOR SPOILERS] the brotherhood created some super demon, and now it's free, or will he soon, and Gabriel must stop it. He is a super bitch.
I know, it's a hack n' slash boss, it is supposed to be hard, I understand that. It's more than just being a difficult boss, he is almost an impossible boss. The idea they tried to convey (a tactic on which Gabriel himself expands) is that you are fighting the most powerful being ever conceived, second to God. Created than any evil Satan himself could conjure. So the method is supposed to revolve around the idea that you must be patient, and strike only when the moment is right, which you must do. You cannot land any substantial combos, unless he does his taunting move, and then you can only land maybe one good combo. During his normal phase, he switches from attack to attack, giving visual cues that hardly allow enough time to escape if you have over committed to a combo. It's just sprinting, waiting for a time to strike, and ensuring you never get hit.

Of course, he has full health and mana. I was not granted that luxury, because I had been hurt previously, and all the checkpoints caught me with no mana at all, and half health, and I had no real intention of doing the whole chapter over, so I could maybe have full bars by the time I made it back. Not fun.

All in all I was not impressed. I really feel like this could have easily been implemented into the full length game, and been done in a much more impressive manner. It felt rushed, unloved, and incomplete. Gabriel's dialogue was awesome, just to feel the change in the man that used to be full of such Light, and now, he is Shadow.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grand Theft Auto V Announced

And by announced I mean we got this logo with the promise of a trailer coming out next week. Nevertheless, this is still exciting as it means we might start seeing more come out about it slowly. Of course, knowing Rockstar it'll be a slow trickle. There's also the fun of watching all the internet speculation. That "V" and "FIVE" are indicative of United States currency! It'll be about... money! Here's hoping the trailer will reveal a lot more! Let the rumor mill start a' churnin'!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What I Like This Week: Bricks of War

This week's find comes from an outfit named Kooberz Studios. It's an awesome animation entitled "Bricks of War" in which Gears of War 3 is represented in LEGO form. Yeah. Freakin' awesome.

Of course, my favourite part is where Marcus chainsaws some hapless locust, cos, well, I bloody love chainsawing things. Anything. Anyway, this is an extremely well-made production including a Corpser, the Hammer of Dawn, grenades, and great sound effects from the game. I love it, and we here at the O&E commend Kooberz Studios for their work. We hope to see more from them, maybe a LEGO Skyrim or something along those lines. We can only hope.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Back from the Dead, it's El Jefe

Hello and good day to you, dearest reader of the greatest blog in the galaxy! I know it's been quite some time since I've had any contact with you, and for that, I apologise. Things have been rough lately on nearly all fronts (luckily the Eastern Front seems to be holding, though I fear a Cossack breakthrough at any moment), and I've been remiss in being able to sit in front of a computer and coherently do anything besides churn out history papers. It's a curse.

I'm serious. If you are an exorcist or some sort of person with any experience in the occult, I'd really like your help with this.

Anyway, a lot has happened since I disappeared completely from all perceivable planes of existence. One is by far most important and exciting: Skyrim stuff! As you may well know, Skyrim's map was leaked earlier today by some loony Russians, likely after a long night of swilling vodka and... well...swilling more vodka. Rampant speculation, yes, but one man's slightly offensive stereotypes are another man's attempt at humour. Or so the saying goes. What's important is that the map is now on the internet in full size and is, according to one of our most seasoned analysts, "freakin' huge."* The game manual for the Xbox 360 version was also leaked, the photos of which are available on imgur.

What does this mean? Well, to quote our illustrious Vice President Joe Biden, "This is a big fucking deal." Why? Cos we here at the O&E (especially myself) are bloody excited about this game. 10 November will likely be the last time I see the light of day, and it can't be over soon enough so that 11 November can be here and I can play Skyrim until dead. Death by Skyrim. A noble end.

Other things have happened (Forza 4, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, and Sesame Street), but in my opinion these don't touch Skyrim news. Also I haven't played any of these games, so it'd be irresponsible of me to offer my thoughts on them. Go play them, I guess? If you want.

One last thing: I'm starting a weekly segment (if one can really call it that) called "What I Like This Week" which is just some gaming article or another from the week that I particularly enjoyed (whether funny, awesome, or simply THE BEST). Hopefully, you'll enjoy it, too.

This week's article comes from the good people at Game Informer, and suggests that Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain may have been inspired by the default settings of SimCity 4 in developing his 999 tax plan (i.e. his plan to get your vote and give you a job, for the politically disinclined). I, for one, hope this is true, as it gives us the potential for hilarious reelection ads, should Mr. Cain be successful.

He's ready for the gotcha questions...
It's good to be back. Cheers.

*The analyst in question, is, in fact, myself.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Here is a picture for for you.

Whilst practicing drawing expressions with my new nib for my tablet, I happened to draw that dashing dwarven rogue, Varric Tethras. And then I spent two hours on it. Oops. Well at least I have something to post here now (for once)! Enjoy and whatnot.

Creepy Varric is creepy.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is the Jak and Daxter Series Getting an HD Release?

I, for one, certainly hope this rumor is true. It is very rare that a series can go through a semi gritty reboot and still turn out fun as hell. Sure, I'm still a little freaked out by the fact that Jak's first words in the series, after a colorful and playful romp in Jak and Daxter, were "I'm gunna kill Praxis." But Jak II and III were just so... fun! The guns, the alternate forms; it made the transition worth it. I'm looking at you Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.

At present time this is just a rumor, albeit a promising one. In addition to the fact that we've seen several of these re-releases, South African retailer BT Games has listed a January 2012 release for "Jak & Daxter HD Collection." It has since taken the listing down, but it does remain in the retailer's database sans a date, price, or ordering info. In any event, I'm fully prepared to pay for games I already own again.

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