Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gamescom 2010: Dragon Age 2 Trailer

Gamescom 2010 is here! You know what that means! Lots of new awesome trailers. It's a little difficult for two people to keep up with all of them (this might lead to a special announcement sometime soon), so we will do our best to cover as many as we can. Of course, we have to cover our favorites first, so when I saw the new trailer for Dragon Age 2 I jumped all over it (We here at The Outlaw and The Elitist loved the first one). Watch in awe now!

Now I know that you should take trailers that are completely cinematic with a grain of salt (as awesome as the E3 Old Republic trailer was we all know it won't play anything like that), but sometimes things can be inferred from them. The only thing I know about the game so far is that it's going to be more console friendly, which is great. An Executive at BioWare also says that the game will feature "faster, more responsive combat". The thing that struck me was that the hero was fighting alone, as the first game (and the first game's trailer) featured party based combat. Also, the hero showed proficiency with both fighter class abilities and magic class abilities, which were awesome by the way. Maybe that hints at some kind of cross-over abilities.

We won't know for sure until more information comes out as we inch closer to the March 8, 2011 release, but we'll let you know as soon as we do!


El Jefe said...

I noticed the combat/magic combo too...that'd be a welcomed improvement in my opinion! Also, though I'd like to see party-based combat return, I can see the pros and cons of either system. Great post guys!

The Outlaw said...

Thanks! I would also like to see cross-over abilities. I also want party-based combat to make a return. It wouldn't be a BioWare game if you didn't have a bunch of characters to fight alongside and get to know.

The Elitist said...

Such an awesome trailer.
My biggest beef with the party deal was friendly fire from your spells, I thought it made the game hard, but because it was so ridiculously difficult to control your party it made managing your magic stupidly hard, and in some cases impossible, you just had to decide which party member was going to get to die in order to win. Yea yea, you could use a lower difficulty and not have that problem, but even then stun and movement impairing effects still would hit your party even if damage would not.

The Outlaw said...

Well, maybe they could just take out friendly fire haha.

The Elitist said...

And make your party less.. retarded.. (or easier to control) I'm all for the single-hero business.

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