Thursday, August 19, 2010

Metroid: Other M Trailer: Metroid and Me

          So, today has been really exciting for me, a new look at Portal 2 (just scroll on down and check it out!), and now a pretty sweet plot description for Metroid: Other M. What Nintendo released today was a look at the Metroid universe's time line from the original NES Metroid to where Other M fits in, excluding the 3D Metroids and Metroid Fusion (Fusion is actually speculated to come after Other M), which is okay with me, because well I never beat any of the 3D ones which you should know, or else Satan will will burn you with his fingernail. To save your soul, go read my other Metroid article Without further adieu.

           The thing that I like most about this is that it puts a place for the new game. Really before today there was just allot of speculation about what the story was about, we have a starting point. It's a lot more fun to imagine that the distress calls that Samus receives at the end of the video is a directed message from the Baby Metroid that saved Samus' life at the end of Super Metroid. It also allows gamers who have not played any of those, admittedly really old, Metroid games to jump into this really really epic series. The story of older games tends to be a little convoluted due to the lack of voice acting and what-not, and Metroid and Me sets straight any confusion or memory loss you may have suffered in the years since you played the old Metroid games. 
         The voice actress for Samus Aran is the lovely Jessica Martin. Although Team Ninja has received some criticism for choosing Miss Martin, claiming that she is too soft spoken to be Samus. I honestly believe that Samus is probably a soft spoken woman, why else would it have taken her till now to finally speak? It adds dynamic to the woman. To imagine that under the awesome upgrades armor and weapons, the beautiful Samus Aran is a shy and rather quite girl, to me, that's a lot more diverse, and a lot more interesting.  I might have a thing for Samus...
What do you think of Jessica Martin's voice?


The Outlaw said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Outlaw said...

1. It was not removed by the author. It was removed by MEEEE!

2. Metroid and Me sounds like a sitcom.

TechtOut said...

Hey Outlaw what's up? This is Sneed's friend Drew. I totally agree with Elitist that the shy quiet voice of jessica martin is a great counter balance to her kickass bounty hunting skills. I for one have pre-ordered this game. Also if I ma bring up another point, what's with the title? Other M?

The Outlaw said...

Drew!I'm glad you have visited out blog and commented! We need more of that. Stephen will be glad you agree with him. We're both really excited for the game. As for the title, maybe it means other Metroid? I honestly don't know.

The Elitist said...

Howdy! Glad you enjoyed the article, it does my sensitive and n00b like journalistic heart good. I am super stoked for the game, as far as the title, no one really knows. Some speculate it is supposed to mean "not *that* Metroid, this other newer Metroid game" Some think it is a reference to the Baby Metroid that saved Samus' life at the end of Super Metroid. I suppose we will find out next week!!

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